about izzyHi! I’m Izzy, the photographer behind Sacabon Photography.

My life mostly revolved with art as my number 1 interest. Growing in the age of x generation, when the age of digital media was trending, I studied Graphic design and further my education with Multimedia Arts. Yet I felt like I was just wandering in limbo. Don’t get me wrong, I still love art!

Then, my visit to my home country, Philippines, which I have not done since I moved to the United States, made me realize beauty in stills. There were so much to capture – family, old friends, astonishing places. I realized that the world of photography is like home. It’s the niche that made me feel I’m in the right place. And suddenly, I’m out of the limbo.

I can lock in the aura of an event, magnify the emotions between people, take out the beauty in a subject. There’s so much that photography make me crazy about. Inspired by my love of movies, especially sci-fi ones, I can take to the places that I’ve produced (yes, I can make not-of-this-world place, I love 3D’s) like you were there. As an artist, I strive to challenge myself with projects that will enrich my creativity. Cinema has given me another tool to share and invent the vision of my love to photography.

Since then, I have been introduced to a variety of interesting people who have been appreciative of my imagery. From single individuals to families who perceive my work as a therapy/breather, to couples who wants me to take their engagement sessions and weddings , to business owners who need images for advertisement, and to musicians who need their images for fans.

I created this blog for few reasons. First, I aim to take you to appreciate the world of photography and cinema. Second, I wanted to facilitate communication with you on what you think of my work. And third, I wanted to give you an inside peek of every work/project.

This blog is for everyone: singles, couples, families, friends, models, fans, business owners, artists, fellow photographers, and just anyone.


Contact me if you like my work. My personal portfolio: sacabon.com

Looking forward to hear from you.

Izzy Sacabon