The Untouched World

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Enter into a place of serenity, peace and happiness where you don’t have to worry being alone. Solitude will accompany you to this great place called…”THE WORLD UNTOUCHED”

I turned the first page of a book and it said: There’s a lovely place like in fairy tales. It only opens once every fifteen years. News has it that the last time somebody entered it was in September 15, 1998. And once you experience it, everything will be different.” I feel the kiss of sunlight upon my face and as I open my eyes, I find myself being alone amidst the middle of nowhere.


No I don’t feel afraid. Bliss is embracing my soul. I walk around and suddenly I am surrounded by a carpet of red fragrant flowers like that of a Camia I used to smell when I was a little child. The rich red color in the traditional Ao dai I am wearing makes me feel like I’m one with the flowers telling me, “Welcome!” And I thought to myself, “What is this place? Why am I here?” A voice inside me whispered, “Stay for a day and rest.” I look above and it is a bright breezy morning, nice weather out here. The woods. I’ll stay inside the woods and stay hidden. Wait, I don’t need to. I’m alone here. Or am I?


 The warmth of the grass relaxed my worn-out feet. I even have golden necklace and earrings – but I must admit, it’s nice to embrace the beauty of being feminine. I feel special on a special location on a special day. A lake!!! Wow, this is so serene! The water is still and clearly reflects me. How deep can you be? I sit and watch the fishes of different colors swimming around. And I thought this is a huge place.


I wonder what else I could see here. So I jumped onto the boat and went off to the next island. Flowers, woods, greens, and water. I wish I could stay here longer. After hours of rest and reflection, it’s dark and the moon started to say hello. I lay on my back and close my eyes. The nagging sound of my alarm woke me up. Six o’clock in the morning. September 16, 2013. And I found myself holding a small lilac flower on my hand.