Dean Crawford

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It has been almost three years since I was lucky enough to do portraits for this talented country singer, Dean Crawford. I have known Dean since my teenage years and his my brother’s best friend. But it has been years since I last talked to him for we were living our own lives.

On the summer of 2011, I happened to be invited by my brother and his friends to hang out and watch Dean and his band, The Dunns River Band, perform in The Stables Restaurant and Lounge in Westminister, MD. I didn’t expect to enjoy the show but went anyway for family-bonding sake.

I live in the countryside but I like everything urban. And when it comes to music, I am more of contemporary type from alternative, rock, pop, RnB, hip-hop, with doses of relaxing music. I love music since it has helped me escape from whatever situation I’m in. It magnifies the happiness I experience. But country songs? Rarely do I listen to them. When I heard Dean sang “Daddy,” which he himself wrote, I realized how deep the story behind the song can be and how it can bring back your childhood memories. More importantly, I was amazed on how Dean evolved as a great singer and songwriter. I was staring at him until he finished the last word in the song. I thought to myself that it would be nice to photograph him. I approached him and said ‘hi-and-hello’ but never said a word about what I thought.

A month later, I received a message from him asking if I can do him portraits for his calendar for the year 2012 . I did not even have second thoughts so I agreed. In this set of images, I tried to show that Dean’s persona can blend old and modern. He can be reserved yet sophisticated. That’s his “country-style” music.

Here’s a Behind-the-scene video of my shoot with Dean:

Here’s the series of images from the photo shoot:

dean crawford gallery 1dean crawford gallery 2dean crawford gallery 3dean crawford gallery 4dean crawford galler 5