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The Untouched World

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Enter into a place of serenity, peace and happiness where you don’t have to worry being alone. Solitude will accompany you to this great place called…”THE WORLD UNTOUCHED” I turned the first page of a book and it said: There’s a lovely place like in fairy tales. It only opens once every fifteen years. News has it that the last time somebody entered it was in September 15, 1998. And once you experience it, everything will be different.” I feel the kiss of sunlight upon my face and as I…read more

Dean Crawford

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It has been almost three years since I was lucky enough to do portraits for this talented country singer, Dean Crawford. I have known Dean since my teenage years and his my brother’s best friend. But it has been years since I last talked to him for we were living our own lives. On the summer of 2011, I happened to be invited by my brother and his friends to hang out and watch Dean and his band, The Dunns River Band, perform in The Stables Restaurant and Lounge in…read more